What does your Lottie Moon Christmas Offering do?

While visiting John and Wanne Dina in Quelimane, Mozambique, I asked, “What does the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering do for you?”

“Everything!” John exclaimed. “The house you are staying in was bought with Lottie Moon funds. The truck we use to go out to the villages to preach and teach was purchased with Lottie Moon funds. The equipment used to show the Jesus film in places where the gospel has not yet been heard was provided by Lottie Moon funds. Everything we do here is made possible by the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.” It was a sobering moment for me to realize just how important this offering is to our missionaries. What we take lightly at times is their lifeline! Not only is it important to our missionaries on the field, but it is the only hope for millions who have yet to hear the gospel. Consider the following facts:

Global population: 7.0 billion people

Population of unreached people groups with limited or no access to the Gospel: 3.9 billion people

Number of Southern Baptist missionaries currently serving overseas with IMB:. 4,854 missionaries (plus their approx. 4,000 children)

Number of countries in which they are working: 134 countries

Number of people groups currently being engaged by IMB missionaries: 874 people groups

Number of people groups currently being engaged that do not have Scripture in their language (“Bible-less people groups”): 204 people groups

How many more unreached people groups could be reached if we gave more generously to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering? How many more missionaries could be sent? How much more could our missionaries do? Only God knows the answer to that question, but the obvious response is much more! And if more could be done if we gave more generously, then it would be wrong not to do so.

Please pray about what the Lord would have you give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering this year. Then give as generously as you can. Our missionaries and the lost world are depending on us!


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